500k Challenge Help 4 Heroes

500k  Challenge Help 4 Heroes

Colin Appleby & Sam Stuthridge kayak 500k from Njmegan to London   to raise money for the  500k  Challenge Help 4 Heroes

3 Responses to 500k Challenge Help 4 Heroes

  1. DEMAI says:

    Your blog is very nice.
    Hope to talk with you one of these days.
    I’m thinking about a sea kayak trip around Channel islands. ( even Alderny )

  2. Andy says:


    I’ve just stumbled across your website whilst searching for sea kayak resources in and around Brittany. I’m new to the sport and am trying to find places to get some coaching and advice. So far, it’s seems very difficult and looks easier to travel back to the UK, but even then, when I come back, I’m on my own. Any help or tips would be much appreciated. Many thanks,



  3. Megan stuthridge says:

    Hi dad so glad you did that good thing

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