Auto Bilge pumps

Rule 500 auto bilge pumps have now been installed in both boats

Fully automatic pumps were chosen for the simplicity of Installation. There are 3 single core conductors sealed into the pump body, these have been joined onto a 3 core sheathed flex to allow the use of a waterproof gland through the bulkhead to the day hatch.

The joints in each conductor have been ‘crimped’ onto the sheathed cable. To waterproof the joints, a short length of plastic tube was slid over and the tube filled with sealant. The conductors from the pump are insulated with silicone insulation, and I found that a silicon sealant can ‘roll’ off quite easily.

I came across some glue called “Sticks like Sh*t ” thought I must try that …. It has sealed all the joints in the tube and has dried colourless allowing any corrosion to be identified before failure
Time will tell !

Where the sheathed cable passes through the bulkhead, and into the sealed battery box, waterproof “Stuffing glands” have been used. The pump runs from 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries. Mine has a large capacity 7Ah so I have power to charge my iPhone as well as a number of AA batteries for the gps

The skin fitting has a small soft foam bung pushed in to keep the water from entering through the pump, the manufacturers specify ‘No non return valves’ When tested, the bung shoots out when the motor pumps water

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