Back on Île d’Ouessant

Phare du Stiff

Just a stunning Island, I have a feeling I will be back in the not too distant future.
A previous post looked at Crea’ch lighthouse. The lighthouse buildings also house the Lighthouse and Bouyage museum of Finistere.

It is a fascinating visit, with a massive collection of Fresnel Lenses, their effectiveness is illustrated with just 60 watt lamps, it’s amazing how the light is focused and amplified.

I also sat through some 30 minutes of old black and white footage showing the history of the Breton lighthouses. It included the aerial rope transfers of keepers .. a very neat solution on rough seas ! Everyone ought to go !

Here is some frightening video of Breton lighthouses during storms, terryfying conditions !

The first Lighthouse featured is 32 meters high !

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