Bonefaccio … Cliffs Arches and Caves

With the van parked just behind the beach we took a drive into Boneffacio to have dinner at one of the many restaurants lining the harbour.

The food was great at the restaurant “Les Amis” and I’m sure it will be equally as good in all the others

There really are some massive motor cruisers moored alongside, one cruiser had its crew of some 20 odd lining the harbour to welcome aboard its guests

The following morning after overnighting in the van we made our way into the harbour by kayak, this time for coffee and croissants

We found a nice gap to get olurselves tied up alongside



In fact a request to the owners of a Malteese flagged cruiser saw us tying in under their boarding ladder



There are numerous shops along the harbour front offering designer clothes to hairy wild boar legs, more usual fare can be found at the spar supermarket




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