Broken Mast on Flat Earth Sail

With the wind a little high for a paddle on the coast, I decided to get the sail out on the local river where it opens up to a good sized lake.
I set the Sail up on my viking, and was looking at getting some fair speed in this BF 4 wind.

All was going well when without any warning the mast snapped.

The Mast is in 3 Sections, a Foot, a lower tube, and an upper tube. They are made of anodised aluminium. The foot, and Upper tube is cut from 16mm o/d tube with 2mm Wall thickness. The Lower tube 19mm o/d. with internal diameter of 16mm So just a 1.5mm Wall thickness

The Lower tube slides over the foot, and the upper tube slides into the lower tube to rivet stop. A Stainless steel saddle clamp is riveted to the Lower tube to fix all the mast stays too
Its clear to see that the mast has snapped where the saddle clamp has been riveted, drilling the 1.5mm wall thickness has caused considerable weakness.

The upper tube slides inside nicely

1.5mm instead of the original 1mm

I believe the mast assembly cost around 70 Euros, I decided to source a length of tube to replace the broken section, but to increase the wall thickness. I picked up a length from my local Metal suppliers for the modest sum of 3.60€.

I mounted the saddle using 4mm screws, and screwed in a Stop screw at the upper end.

The mast foot is now ready for the Folding Kayak, so in the days to come when the wind is right I’ll try the mast on the folding kayak.

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