First trip on the water with the Flat Earth Sail

My first choice to test out the new Flat Earth rig was my local beach at Villes Martin,  Magic Seaweed was predicting Bf4 along this stretch of coast all morning, I was a bit concerned that this may be a little high for a first outing…. I’ve never sailed before !

However at 9am after a 5 minute walk I was at the head of the beach with my Anenometer it recorded Zero !   I decided to go further west to Pornichet which is more open to a Westerly, sure enough as I approached the Sea Front flags were fluttering nicely I measured a 7 knot steady wind

The sun was shining, a bright 18°C  I parked the sail for launching and was soon paddling forward into the wind.

Having put some distance between myself and the shore, before I even thought about sailing I practiced raising and lowering the sail, all was fine everything running smothly.

I headed straight into the wind then pulled the mainsheet to allow the sail to fill. Then I noticed in my haste during the setup, I had assembled the boom joint upsidedown leaving the sail twisted, so back to the beach to correct it.

Again once on the water I headed off into the wind and raised the sail, pulled the mainsheet bringing the boom in closer and the sail filled nicely turning me to Port and I was Sailing !

Over the course of the next hour my confidence increased, along with the wind strength !  I was sailing along anywhere between 3knots and 6knots, it truly was great fun and I learned how to turn into the wind and with the wind behind.  I alm looking forward to my next trip


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