Golfe du Morbihan

The weather forecast last Sunday was bad for the Brittany coast,     2 to 5  meter swell and Bf 6-7 winds.

The location and situation of the Golfe du Morbihan often means it is possible to get on the sea for a paddle when it looks quite hopeless on the coast. The wind was North Westerly and on the more open stretches in the Golfe were reduced from Bf 7 to a 5, and in the Lee of the Islands were just occasional swirling gusts up to Bf 5.  At one point around lunchtime the clouds parted to reveal a blue sky and sunshine.

Despite the more determined stroke needed when catching the gusts a great day out when conditions would suggest a day off the water.  I have attached a couple of photos, the interior where we paddled and the entrance to the Golfe at Port Navalo.  The wind has flattened out the white horses and wrinkled the surface, it is quite different where we paddled just 4km East

After the paddle we found all the Cafés in Port Navalo shut, but just a few minutes drive to Port Cruesty gave us the choice of many.  There is a Large Marina complex at Cruesty with all the associated facilities, on previous trips we have been welcomed into the Marina and allowed to use the Yacht Club bar. The Bar is has some unusual decorations … a “Stainless Steel Shark” suspended from the ceiling joists

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