Golfe de Revellata

Our ferry delivered us to Île Rousse around 2pm, we drove down past Calvi to a pair of small beaches on the Golfe de Revellata. The last 3 Km down a steep unmade track. Within an hour of getting off the ferry we were on the water heading North.

Despite the really difficult drive down to the beach it was packed out, we just unloaded the boats and parked back up the track, this is the height of the holiday season and we now knew parking was going to be a problem along the coast


Our paddle took us round the Punta Vaccaja and along the coast to Calvi beneath the old fortified city sat on the rocks. In the harbour we enjoyed a nice cold beer before making our way back

Some stats:   Air temperature 31°     Water temperatur  24°

it was refreshing, and cooling to finish the trip with a few rolls ……

Our plan to sleep in the van at the beach ended after a convoy of Quad bikes descended the track in a cloud of dust and a loud noisy disco started, at midnight we moved on to find peace some 20 k up in the mountains on the road to Ajaccio


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