Google Maps GL 3D and plan for ‘Work Avoidance’

I’ve been aware of google mapsGL for quite a while, but have not explored much with the new 3D Earth button ….. then I stumbled across a Lighthouse on the Brittany coast
It’s a lighthouse I’ve previously visited and photographed on the Île de Sein ….  I decided to compare, and it was impressive a good 3D reproduction  ….  So I looked for more, Brittany is not short of lighthouses!

Here is Créac’h on Île Ouessant (Ushant) not only is the lighthouse 3D but also the Coastguard Semaphore building.

Having come across these lighthouses on land I wondered whether there were any rendered in 3D out at sea, I checked out the famouse Le Jument lighthouse off the Ouessant coast, and sure enough found it…So here is le Jument, possibly the most famous lighthouse in the world after photographer Jean Guichard captured a series of amazing images of the lighthouse being engulfed by a huge wave, but what made this shot that once in a lifetime shot was the lighthouse keeper who was standing at the door

(For those wondering about “what happened next”   goto

As I moved around the google maps 3D lighthouse,  I smiled….  a clever touch the lighthouse keeper had been rendered in too !

It was about now I realised that I had just discovered a whole new way to waste time on the internet !    I found many 3D images with a kind of Sea relationship …  but I wanted to find the unusual ….   So here was my next quirky discovery

The war memorial at Saint-Nazaire ….. wearing a french Beret instead of a tin hat  🙂

then I started looking at the UK ….   I found another man standing on the base of the Longships lighthouse.

I wish you all many happy hours hunting the strange, the funny and the humerous.

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