Île Lavezzi

Setting of from the same beach NW of Bonefaccio, we made our way along the coast towards Lavezzi island. An early start meant we beat all the tourist boats that try to fill the huge caves.

This enourmous cave is entered via a relatively small archway, inside  where the roof has fallen in a hole remarkable similar in shape to the isle of corsica can be seen


We continued along to a small beach which actually lay uner a sizeable overhang, after a short break during the hot afternoon sun we continued along the coast to commence are crossing to Lavezzi

The crossing was uneventful but the speeboats, RIBs and Jet Skis were an irritating distraction… and in a few cases their speed and apparant lact of observation was worrying

Having arrived on the island we found a small beach that was empty, but also with some large rocks to give us a good bit of cover from view from the ever vigilant Reserve Guardians.

A quick tour of this small island revealed somewhere in the region of 70 small craft moored at the two natural harbours.

Since our arrival on Corsica we have been disappointed with the waste and litter that is just left all around the coast. Just about every parking space we stopped at whether at the beaches or along the major routes has a ‘corner’ used as a toilet.

There is litter dropped from cars along most roads, it really is a huge problem.

Sadly Lavezzi is now one huge toilet, as well as the large number of small craft mooring at Lavezzi, Taxi RIBs drop groups of sunbathers off onto the beaches increasing the number of visitors.

This island has protected status and part of the Nature Reserve and it is being destroyed

I was approached on one beach by the Nature reserve officers, I pointed out to them that just behind the beach was a pile of shit and paper, they were not interested and just kept repeating ‘No bivouac’  These guys ‘thrash’ around in RIBs all day  burning diesel while the sunbathers and jetskiers shit all over the nature reserve.

We bivi’d on Lavezzi….   we left ‘no trace’


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