Installing a keel strip….. and stainless steel cables

This post is not an instructional post …  but is here to give me a record which I can refer back to when I find I need to do the job again.

So, by way of introduction I have previously glassed on a keel strip but this was over a year ago.   I was very content with the results and I believe the materials cost about 50% less than having the work done on a paying basis.

I previously, and this time used the instructions I found online at

I used 200 grams of resin to lay the tape on, and finished the keel strip with 300 grams of pigmented ‘Flowcoat’   I used a 2% mix of Catalyst working outside on a bright clear day at 18° C.

I took the skeg out, and the cable I replaced some 3 months ago was in perfect condition. My boat had a Valley cable skeg with a stainless steel flat tape cable. It required continual maintenance,  the manufacturers even had a video demo on their website. The problem was rusting.

I discovered a supplier in the UK several years ago who’s cable has been good in my P&H boat for over 5 years. Here’s their Website

I ordered:
3mm 1×19 A4-AISI 316 Stainless Steel Cable MBL 720 kgs
Catalogue Code 602.000.030

As well
as the 3mm cable for the skeg, I also ordered this 4mm PVC covered Stainless Cable with the fittings to enable me to rig up a good Security cable for locking the boats up. I made up a 6 meter length which gives plenty of scope for securing multiple boats. It is a great deterrent with its highly visible red coating.


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