L’Aber Wrac’h

We set off from the sheltered harbour of Penn Enez situated on the North Brittany coast. The harbour dries at low water, but has several slips alongside a small beach and offers easy access.
Just after sunrise the sky looked quite bleak and grey, winds were around Bf 3 and forecast to fall further.  The general forecast off the west coast of France was around 2.7m of swell after the recent high winds
Previmer now features prominantly in my trip prep with its accurate forecasts. There was considerable swell featured offshore but much reduced coast wise.  The hourly indications are great for indicating the trend and the levels of Accuracy are quite amazing.

We planned to visit the two lighthouses situated at L’Aber Wrac’h,  one on Île Vierge and the other on Île Wrac’h.
There are actually two lighthouses on Île Vierge, the newest being brought into service in 1902. It is the highest lighthouse in Europe standing at 82 meters. It is possible to walk to this lighthouse at low tide (on the highest springs)  and guided trips are conducted here.

Situated much closer to the coast is the lighthouse on Île Wrac’h.   There is now a community association which keeps the lighthouse in good order and during the summer months is open to the public to view a variety of themed exhibitions.  This is just a few hundred meters walk at low tide.

The day finished with a beer in the rather splendid surroundings of   “Le Carré St Michel” (just at the end of the road from the harbour) it is extremely stylish and with some quite extraordinary food on the menu

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