Last paddle of the season (…in France )

This is always a time of reflection for me as the year draws to a close, again I have been very lucky and had the opportunity to paddle on some fantastic coastlines and enjoyed some great trips. This year has seen me install the flat earth sail, it has been great fun learning how to use it.
There was a point when first considering a sail when I believed that without any knowledge of sailing, that I would find it too dificult to ‘learn the ropes’ Happily that was not the case at all, in this clip is a very quick snapshot of kayak sailing in a good Beaufort force 5 with gusts up to 6, the swell was over 1.5 meters occaisionally breaking, certainly at the upper limits of my practicability, but there is no doubt you can see it is possible to make progress.


We’ll be across in the UK before the new year, and just may be able to squeeze in one more paddle

We have some good trips in mind for next year, in particular a revisit to Norway, but with plenty of trips along the Breton coast

All that remains is to wish you all a good finish to the year

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