Prevention of collision

As a French resident paddling on French tidal waters I am required to comply with state legislation. One of the requirements is to have to hand in my cockpit a résumé of the COLREGS  or in France RIPAM

This has led to an explanatory text published here  ( my page COLREGS) and the production of an ‘aide memoire’ that can be laminated an taken on board

Please download the files and use, but acknowledge their source, as expected there is a disclaimer, so use your own judgement.

You should always be aware that these Regulations can be supplemented in every respect by local National regulations, this is particularly so in busy Ports and Waterways … for example Port of London and Southampton.

In short this article should heighten your awareness of ‘legal obligations’ on tidal waterways.  Wherever you have doubt,  or do not fully understand, investigate further.

I have used my own reasoning in the production of this A4 aide memoire, whilst I believe I have included the most important rules, you may believe differently. Please contact me with any suggestions or omissions, it is an important subject that should be accurate.

Here is a link to “Jersey Kayaks” site, it has some great information re Visibility and the Tragic Collision accident report  of a high speed ferry.  A quite frightening read !




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