Renew, Refresh, and refurb……

It’s been a long drawn out return to the norm following the burglary at the end of last year. I have learnt much about the law in France … and in fact see that it suffers from similar complaints that are made about English law.



So I’ll close the ‘burglary thing’ by saying  that the Burglary was effected by the son of people known to me with two of his despots as accomplices, I attended the court hearing last week  and saw they were sentenced to two years imprisonment with one of the years suspended for two years, the end result for me after the insurance claim being some 4000€ loss,   surprisingly I did recover my photo gear after it was offered for sale in a seccond hand shop, but couldn’t take possession from the Gendarmes until after the Court hearing.

Of course we have all seen that the weather has been, well pretty dank …


so instead of being in the water we have used the time to do some updating, a new kitchen in the appartment taking a wall down and increasing the kitchen size to 26sq. M

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 08.19.02

and at the house the work continues with a complete new solid Oak door and frame, the original door while looking strong was not in fact very difficult to ‘break in’


It now sports a wrought iron gate that can be locked during periods of absence.

Alongside the building work I have also installed a CCTV system at the house, the system can be monitored via the internet and also records to a hard drive, it ‘s great for ‘peace of mind’


The van too has received some attention, finally after prototyping a wooden bed system, I have at last got round to welding up a metal frame. It is simple and converts from a bench seat to double bed in just 15 seconds.

20130416_112258Some shelves have been added to increase the storage at the back of the van

So stacks of things going on … but not all kayaking.  The next post will feature some salty water at La Trinite


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