Sardinia cancelled ! … off to the Mountains for some ‘peace and quiet’

After our trip to Ile Lavezzi, we decided to move further East along the coast and make an Island hopping trip across to Sardinia. We set off for our departure beach only to find the road leading down to the beach was lined both sides with parked cars for just under a mile. We really ran out of enthusiasm for this trip and a unanimous decision had us heading off to the mountains in search of ‘peace and quiet’

We had really tried hard to ignore all the crowds, crap and noise but it just got the better of us. In fact we would aim to get on the water around 7am, then we could relish the empty beaches and silence for the next hour or so …….

It was entirely different up in the mountains, stunningly beautiful, silent and few people. We walked for a couple of days, our second day was challenging with an accent of 800 meters over 10k, then a  800meter descent over the next 10k, but we were truly rewarded with some stunning scenary

For 15k across the mountain we only came across one other walker…. things were looking up !    However it wasn’t going to quite as perfect, just a few kilometers from our finish at Calacuccia where the road meets  the “Mare a Mare” track we were walking we came across another pile of rubbish.

It’s hard to believe this level of rubbish, there’s builders rubble, old fridges, as well as old broken furniture.

I have to say I am no longer surprised, there is definitely a serious problem with waste on Corsica. The volume of Tourists is enormous, particularly during July and August. Clearly prices are elevated and business’s are doing well. However rubbish is building up on the island, it appears that no one is looking at the future, just for the profit today.

Incredibly, this was another dump of rubbish just outside the village of Calacuccia, just a couple of kilometers from the dump on the Mare a Mare track

The resort of Porticcio lies just south of Ajaccio, and is popular with tourists for is lovely sandy beach, here’s two views …

There are public toilets about 400 meter away, however it is clearly too far for many. Amongst the litter here is toilet paper and human waste, this building is a closed down business but lies at the end of a 100 meter block of beach front restaurants cafes and souvenir shops
And just the other side …


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