Windy weather .. another bash with the Sail

We have seen many long standing and slow moving depressions sitting over the atlantic. This weekend again greeted us with high winds just about round the entire coast of Brittany, magic seaweed showing  Bf 5 to 6

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 3.23.42 PMIt presented another opportunity to get the sail out.

I launched from le Pouliguen  at the Western end of the Bai de La Baule knowing that close to the shore would be sheltered from the worst of the Westerly winds.

In all I was on the water for just an hour and a half.  It was the first time in any real swell and turned out to be great fun as well as a little tiring …

It was so easy having the wind take all the effort out of paddling out and over the incoming waves, further out the wind flattened out the swell leaving me to play around with the wind and sail, this is about my fith session now and it is still quite a novelty to have on my deck.
Every so often a wave would appear behind me and give me an incredibly long surf, it really is good fun.

At one point I found myself in the company of a couple of windsurfers, I was able to tack at very similar angles but their huge sail was much faster.
Now looking forward to the next session

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