Norway Sea Kayaking 2013

Norway Sea Kayaking P1020470 - Version 2

Our expectations continued to be met in Norway, the night before catching the Ferry home we stopped at a camp site on Justoya Island, the site manager insisted on showing us his beach …  We went straight out and caught some Mackeral for supper.

P1020489Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 14.50.21The colours that greeted us on this side of Norway were in stark contrast to what we had seen on the West

P1020492 - Version 2Without doubt there is much to interest the Geologist here in Norway. Whilst  making our way to the Jontunheim Mountains, we stopped at Lom, the Rock and Mineral museum is  really interesting. We had got very used to paying entrance fees to museums and exhibitions, here however entrance was free.  We wandered round gleaning little bits of info about the rocks in Norway, we saw samples that fluoresced under UV light as well as a fossilized Mammoths tooth.

Fossheim Stone CenterLom tooth

The Sky changed constantly as the clouds came off the mountains with quite dramatic efect

P1020148 - Version 2but at sea level it was all quite calm

P1020149 - Version 2


Finding somewhere to land and camp can be difficult, but here was the perfect place.

P1020154 - Version 8


Perfect … that is untill the midges and mozzies arrive


P1020171 - Version 2They were only around for an hour or so,  and really not a problem. It was when we were up in the mountains that they were much worse.

P1020162 Up until now we had not seen a great deal of the wildlife,  except of course the gulls …



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